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Neale is 75

Well David and Nicole with Chloe and Lora, were there.    Liam was there with Mummy and Ma.   Then along came Kate and Will.

My long time mate Kerry and his lovely wife Jan turned up early.  And all were camped and settled in,  when John and Daphne with Cheryl and Terry arrived in time for dinner.

Well the dinner went well, with roasts and bakes and birthday cake,  and champers and reds and whites, and whisky too.
All pitched in to tidy up, and we finished the night around the camp fire  all talking at once about, I don’t know what.

Next day, for those who were left, went off for a walk around the track, to be surprised by two koalas in adjacent trees.
Right there on the side of the track.  When the next day came round we found another Koala on a different track.

What a great three day Birthday  Party. Thank you  Frances and All

Did you know?

Did you know that there are 300-400 billion stars in the Milky Way.   (that’s our galaxy, as if you didn’t already know.)

There are 170 billion galaxies in the observable universe. That is 10+24 zeroes. That’s   Septillion stars.

This is a minimum value, the universe could much larger.  May be an infinite number on zeroes.

The universe evolved 13.8 billion years ago.

And I am only 75 this week!

Chloe is Six

September certainly is the birthday month for our family and friends There is still David and I to go.  But yesterday was all about Chloe.

A beautiful day for a beautiful girl with lots of her friends and relations attending.  The kids are all a year older and they have all grown up somewhat. They are bordering on being  big kids already.  Plenty of games and food  filled the day.

Happy Birthday Chloe.

Chloe is Six


Thank you David and Nicole!

Liam is Six

LiamWell we had a great weekend for Liam’s Sixth Birthday Party at Scrubby Rise.  The weather was perfect, the company was amazing including Liam’s school friends from China Japan and Spain,  and family of cause.

We had 18 adults at the long table for dinner and a table for the Kids. Roast Lamb, Roast Pork with all the trimmings.   Oh and cheese cake.

There is a bush playground and a trampoline at Scrubby Rise now so with some walks in the bush all were well entertained. So after two days of full on birthday party, roast dinners, BBQ’s, a drop of wine and round the fire discussions, the group slowly departed. Suddenly the bush became quiet again, except for the birds  and a solitary Koala calling.  A short search soon found him high in a tall gum tree.   How goods that?