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This Blog begins in September 2014

I was born in Richmond Victoria, Australia in 1939.
I am married to Frances for 52 years. We have 3 children, 7 grand children and 1 great grand child.

We have lived at 8 addresses and on  2 boats.
I have been a farmer and a builder. Frances is a Nurse. We are retired.

We have traveled extensively in Australia, visiting every state and crossing every Desert.
We have traveled to every Continent including Antarctica.

We will make a trip through the NW Passage from Greenland Westward this year:  2015.


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  1. Good morning Neale

    My name is Paul O’Neill and I am the lead graphic designer at Peregrine Adventures, a travel company, based in Melbourne. (we are a sister company of Intrepid which you may have heard of). We deal in small group tours to a wide range of destinations around the world and I am responsible for the design of our brochures and website.

    Peregrine work closely with Quark Expeditions, who i notice you travelled the sea adventurer, a ship we use.

    I notice you have a beautiful photo of the ship on your blog

    I was wondering is there any circumstances where you you would allow me to use that image in our brochure and possibly on our website to promote our tours that use that ship. Your photo is the best shot I’ve ever seen of that ship, and that includes the owner of the ship who never seem to photograph it well?

    Obviously I would credit your work in printed versions where necessary.

    if you could let me know if this would a possibility I would be most grateful.

    By the way, I also noticed you said you have travelled to every continent?Do you have an online gallery or flickr account of images from your travels. id love to see them?



    1. Hi Paul
      I am happy for you to use the Photo of Sea Explorer taken in the N W Passage.

      I do not have an online gallery as yet other than, however maybe it will come in the near future.

      Kind regards, Neale Beveridge

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