Hello world!

Hello world.  This is my first post.  It may seem a little odd to you, but to me it really feels  odd, you know talking to the whole world and all that.

I know the world is talking to each other via face book and twitter and other social media but I will be posting stuff on this website about our upcoming trip to the USA leaving here on 24th September.  You will find other bits and pieces from time to time on other adventures from the past.

This trip was planned to leave in early 2013 but resulted in two postponements then a cancellation and finally a rebooking.  All this happened because Frances had three accidental and very unfortunate falls and had to spend a considerable time in convalescence.  During this time my back was returning to give me some  problems so we both attended a two week back pain clinic  at the  Wesley Hospital.  This proved to be a very good move as we are both fighting fit again and anxious to get on with life again.




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