My first Boat trip

My first traveling experience was in 1942 at the age of three. My parents were moving from Victoria to Tasmania to take up a position as a Farm Manager in the small town of Kimberley. The property was “Armitstead”, but all of that is another story.

The Boat trip took most of a 24hr. day. It was rough as only Bass Strait can be, the boat was called the Norana and it rolled and rolled as only the old Norana could. I was 3 years old and sea sick, my sister Jennifer, one year younger was sea sick, I believe my Mother was sick and may be my Father as well, although he never admitted it.

The boat arrived in Devonport and we stayed in an Hotel for the night and caught a train to Kimberley the next day, to be met by the property owner. And so endeth my first travel experience.

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